Our unique curriculum, and step-by-step approach have been optimised for corporate data professionals.

AI Upskill is the best way to boost your skill set, if you analyse data in a corporate role. You will become better at your job. You will be able to perform a wider range of tasks. You will be more productive. You will acquire the skills that you need to move into a higher paying role.

You know your industry and you know your company. Your company is already working fine with its current data analysis processes. But neither your company, nor your career, can afford to stand still. So you need to always be learning, and improving your processes.

There are lots of opportunities to learn on the internet. But when you dig deeper, you will often notice that the presenter lacks commercial analytics experience. The internet is full of training material compiled by recent graduates, undergrad students, sales and marketing teams, and professors who have spent their whole career in academia. 

AI Upskill is different. Each AI Upskill course is taught by an experienced data scientist - with commercial experience in ASX50 companies.

You might have already tried upskilling from other resources. But they might come across trivial, disconnected and murky. The presenter might have jumped between trivial snippets and incomprehensible fragments. It might have been unclear how their course material could fit into any commercial project whatsoever.

We are busy professionals. We need to learn actionable skills fast. We don’t have time to stumble around with toy examples. We need to either upskill - or be pushed aside to make way for the next generation of corporate analytics professionals.

AI Upskill was put together by Slava Razbash, an experienced data scientist, who has worked in data science roles since 2011. His resume includes Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Sportsbet, Tabcorp, Coles and AGL. 

Over his career, Slava has taught countless analytics professionals to level up their game. He has taught data science masterclasses, mentored colleagues, presented live speeches and webinars, taught at Monash University, and even organised two conferences. Over the years, Slava has developed his unique curriculum and step-by-step approach to helping data professionals learn new skills.

How it works

AI Upskill is a suite of courses, with email support. Our courses use realistic commercial examples. All courses are designed and taught by an experienced data scientist. 

As a member of AI Upskill, you have access to all of our courses, and you can ask us questions via email. Your questions will always be answered by an experienced data scientist. As of now, all questions are answered by Slava Razbash.

Other platforms rely on learners to “help each other” via “forums”. But we all know that’s cheap and nasty. So we give you real, expert email support. 

We’re new. We’re innovative. We give you an edge.
We have launched very recently (July 2023). We know that you need to get started as soon as possible. We know that your competitors are working hard too. To get you learning faster, we have started with the best prompt engineering course for data analytics. Having seen what’s out there, it looks like we have the best prompt engineering course for corporate data analytics. You can read more about it  here.

More courses are coming very soon. If you start our premier prompt engineering course today, we anticipate that we will have new courses for you before you finish it. 

How to get started

An AI Upskill membership will greatly boost your value to your company. It’s a simple business decision for your employer to cover the cost of your AI Upskill membership. Your employer will be wisely investing in your continued professional development. A good team is a company’s greatest asset. As well as boosting your skillset, you will also have an experienced data scientist answering your emails.

There is a monthly and a yearly membership. Yearly memberships offer a 17% discount. You can either pay by credit card. Or if your company prefers to pay by invoice, email [email protected]

Memberships renew automatically. You can cancel by letting us know before the next billing date, and then your membership will lapse at the next billing date.

Pricing options

Prefer an invoice? Email [email protected]

The yearly option works out to be a 17% discount on the monthly subscription.

Is AI Upskill right for me?

AI Upskill is different from other learning resources. Our courses are specifically optimised for corporate data professionals. We provide real, expert support to our learners.

If you have any outstanding questions about AI Upksill, click here to book a quick call.

AI Upskill is not for everyone. Some people are a few months away from retirement. Some people prioritise their yoga training above all else. But if you want to stay in your data career, then we see the following three options in front you.

Option 1: Do nothing today and wait for your company to train you. Eventually, your manager will hire a senior team member to mentor your team. But what if you want to be that senior team member? “Doing nothing” will hold you down.

Option 2: Piece together your professional development from other resources. There are plenty of instructors who have much less (if any) commercial experience. It will take longer. You will also have to figure out how to apply what you learn. Because your instructors may not have the commercial experience to help you make that link.

Option 3: Join AI Upskill and get an education that is specifically tailored to corporate data professionals. At AI Upskill, you can always reach out to an experienced data scientist if you are unsure about how a new concept fits into your role.

You know what’s best for your company. Because you work there. You know what’s best for your career. Because it’s your career. AI Upskill is here, if we are right for you.

Pricing options

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